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Webinar: Mineral and Resource Recovery from Waste Water

July 20, 2010

Artemis Webinars

Around the globe, a growing number of advanced water technologies are recovering valuable minerals and resources from waste water. The O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group (TAG) will outline the size and value of the market opportunity, drivers for change, the business models used, major players and some of the innovative technologies being developed.

The webinar will occur at July 22 at 10am PST.

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Companies providing some of the leading innovative solutions to the market will discuss overviews of their approaches.

Calera has a technology platform which can simultaneously sequester carbon, desalinate water and produce concrete. This highly dispruptive approach deals with meeting demand for the worlds most widely traded commodity, water, reduces the carbon footprint for the worlds second most widely traded commodity, concrete and also offers to the potential to sequester carbon from stack emissions.

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies has a technology platform the Pearl™ which is used to ‘mine’ wastewater for Phosphorus, which is a non-renewable and essential resource. Ostara help municipalities and industry meet their regulatory requirements, while at the same time, producing a valuable slow release fertilizer product, Crystal Green™ which is sold to the fertilizer industry.

The CASTion Corporation is mining ammonia from wastewater with its Ammonia Recovery Process (ARP) and can recover this from municipal and industrial wastewaters and produce a raw material for sale back into the fertilizer industry, thereby generating a revenue stream.

Oberon FMR, Inc has been researching and developing the production of single cell protein (SCP) from un-utilized food processing by-product streams for over five years. Oberon’s vision is to become the premier supplier of high-quality SCP meal destined for use in animal feed diets.

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